Who are we?

We are a committed team of economists, trade analysts and data scientists desiring to find solutions to support developing countries in uncertain economic conditions. International Economics Consulting Ltd. (IEC) is the founding organisation. IEC is a niche consultancy company based in Mauritius and specialised in providing advisory services to both the public and private sectors in international trade and investment, data analytics, and market intelligence. IEC's CEO, Paul Baker, spearheads the platform in close coordination with IEC Associate, Dr. Jaime de Melo, who serves as Scientific Advisor to the Site and Advisor to the company on modelling tools. 

As part of our efforts, we have carried out Africa-wide surveys with UNECA – the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. UNECA is one of the UN's five regional commissions aiming to promote the economic and social development of its Member States, foster intra-regional integration, and promote international cooperation for Africa's development. UNECA's Africa Trade Policy Centre team have been instrumental in supporting us in gathering survey evidence.


Our Objective

Our objective with this website, is to inform investors and businesses on the trade-related issues that they are confronted with in today's uncertain environment. We share lessons learned from other countries and provide business insights to better estimate the risks and impacts arising from supply chain disruptions and changes in demand across global markets.

The website also aims to inform governments and policymakers on how to respond to new trading environments, offering policy tools that can be employed to support their economies. We apply quantitative techniques to model scenarios and use pragmatic approaches grounded in reality to formulate corporate strategies and policy recommendations.

We communicate our findings and recommendations through our studies, reports, infographics, and presentations in diverse fora. We are also launching a dashboard that will give the latest news updates and the rapid results from in-house and external research.


Our data-driven research

Our analyses and forecasts are based on existing scientific models, together with internally developed data models and know-how. Data is collected from publicly available sources, including data made available by international organisations and leading research institutions. This data is further supplemented by inputs from surveys and interviews administered across our wide network of businesses and expert individuals, in collaboration with our global partners. The data and findings are processed using advanced data analysis techniques, and finally vetted through expert scrutinisation to produce meaningful results.